From "Creed," by Dom Helder Cámara

I want to believe that the whole world

Is my home, the field I sow,

And that all reap what all have sown.

I will not believe that I can combat oppression out there

If I tolerate injustice here.

I want to believe that what is right

Is the same here and there

And that I will not be free

While even one human being is excluded.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Photos on Flickr, Plus Three-Week Word Vomit

Hello everyone! Firstly, since a picture´s worth a thousand words, you should check out my new Flickr photos. I´ve included my worksite, retreat with the community in the mountainous north, and a pilgrimage to El Salvador for the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Oscar Romero. Will have to caption them next time, since uploading the videos (of dancing with Casa Romero, and singing ¨Wild Rover¨ with a Northern Irishman on flute and Thomas on guitar) took up all of my internet time. La Garnacha was beautiful, a farming community in the cooler north where you can see Honduras and the two highest volcanoes in Nicaragua. We sat around candles deep into the night. We brought guitars out to a field underneath the stars and sang Bob Dylan songs. We took a sunrise hike to a nearby hill. We ate cheese made in the house next to our cabin. El Salvador was peaceful. Interesting, since all my Nicaraguan co-workers told me to be careful in such a gang-infested city. But there is strength in numbers, and the Casa de la Solidaridad community took care of us, and there´s nothing quite like marching through a dangerous area of downtown, surrounded by 10,000 Salvadorans, Central Americans, and gringos in the name of peace. Some pictures on flickr. Work is right. Right for me. I am growing to love children, their energy in spite of hunger and abuse, though they require much patience. We are preparing a Book day celebration. I´ve had fun dancing lately. A Rio-imitation Carnival passed through town, and three friends and I joined the crowd to see the parading dance troupes, decked-out in scanty glitter with trombones (yes dad! great brass!) and Caribbean drums bringing up the rear. That´s all for now. I am happy, healthy, challenged. Gracias a Dios. Peace friends, H